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Egyptian Goddess

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Egyptian Goddess nail care, skin care, and body care products are formulated with nature's own organic elements, and are comprised of many of the very same ingredients as those used by the Kings and Queens of ancient Egypt. Egyptian Goddess has made the same ingredients that produced extraordinarily healthy, beautiful, soft, and supple skin available to you today.

Imagine holding the key to having the silkiest, softest skin, right in the palm of your own hands.

Available now are nail care and skin care gift sets and singles that will enable you to positively look your best. These amazing new cosmetic product lines were developed by leading experts, and contain the safest, gentlest and most effective ingredients, many of which are natural organic extracts, such as goldenseal, lemon grass, citrus bioflavonoid, matricaria and aloe vera.

The extracts in Egyptian Goddess products have been used by man across the sands of time, and they aid in toning, preserving and freeing the skin of harmful impurities, while helping to create and maintain a more youthful looking complexion.